Bucks, PA | Bucks County buys software to help the District Attorneys crack an encrypted iPhone to fight crime.

The county commissioner approved a $ 27,995 contract with Atlanta’s Grayshift LLC on Wednesday. This raises the bar as an “access and extraction leader”.

District attorney Matthew Weintraub said the technology wasn’t new to the county, but the Grayshift tool, known as the Gray Key, was an advanced version. Waitraub said his office would only be used with court orders, search warrants, or the consent of the phone owner.

“It’s the equivalent of a brick when it’s not being actively used,” says Waitraub. “I know there are many concerns about technology and who can operate it.”

Last month, the commissioner withdrew its contract with facial recognition company Clearview AI in response to public complaints about the potential loss of privacy.

“Someone just can’t use it [the phone-code cracker] New technology is essential because everyone has a cell phone, Waitraub said.

According to the district attorney, breaking into an encrypted phone can solve a crime or find a missing child.

“Now all cases contain this electronic component,” he said.

The county has been using the code cracking technology of Garyshift’s competitor Cellebrite for 15 years, according to Waitraub. Grayshift and Cellebrite find ways to circumvent encryption and sell access to law enforcement agencies, but Apple Inc. And other phone makers try to close the security gap.

“There’s no need to worry about someone cheating and using it,” he said of unauthorized code cracking, noting that all counties in Pennsylvania use similar software. did.

Grayshift started by cracking the iPhone and now says it can break the encryption on some Android phones.

The commissioners met in Doylestown and separated, but did not wear a mask for the first time this year.

Chief Operating Officer Margaret McKebit said the county received $ 61 million in federal funding for the US rescue program this year. The other half of the pandemic recovery funds will be paid next year. The county has not yet decided how the money will be spent.

After yesterday’s primary, Robert Harvey, Jr., blamed the vendor for problems reporting election results on the county’s website. He said there were few problems in the polls. According to Harvey, the county will address the issue of results with website vendors.

The commissioner started the meeting with a presentation of about 30 minutes before tackling the agenda.

The next board meeting will be held on June 2nd at 10:30 am in Doylestown.Please refer to County website Information about face-to-face attendance restrictions.

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