HOUSTON – When it comes to investing, gone are the days of needing a broker to help make trades and transactions.

Instead, as with most things today, there are apps out there that help make trading not only convenient, but also more accessible for a first-time investor.

Cassandra Cummings is the founder of The Stocks & Stilettos Society Facebook Group.

She began her investment journey at the age of 17 after her father died and left her a death benefit. She invested that money and then began a career in the financial industry.

She also got in on some big-time stocks from the ground up.

“I think my biggest hit has been Amazon. I started that one off really young. I’ve also done well with Tesla. Tesla was a newcomer, and then triple-digit returns off the tip of a Tesla.”

Cummings said investing has come a long way from when she first began, and now allows the everyday consumer to benefit from the stock market.


“These apps were not around five, 10 years ago, so this is a great time for you to get an introduction and dip your toe in the water when it comes to investing in the stock market.”





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