COLORADO SPRINGS — With capacity restrictions being lifted in El Paso County, more people are returning to local gyms and fitness centers. However, some people are still hesitant to workout in public, and gyms still aren’t full.

More guests are returning at Peak MMA in Colorado Springs though. Juan Gonzalez, the owner and operator says, “I’m seeing more interest, definitely getting some more people dropping by, taking advantage of coming in for a free class, definitely a lot more phone calls, and a lot more emails. So, I’m hoping this snowballs as Colorado starts to open back up.”
Gonzalez opened the gym in March 2020. Two weeks later, he closed the gym because of the pandemic shutdown, and he didn’t re-open until June. For a short time, he offered online training to still help his clients.

“Combat sports is very close proximity training, so it’s made it very tough for us to do online through video,” said Gonzalez.

They’ve since done away with online classes, also because many people didn’t have the right equipment. Gonzalez says now they’re operating at full capacity, are social distancing and have extensive cleaning routines to make sure everything is wiped down and sanitary.

“Things are definitely getting a lot better now that restrictions are lightening up. I think the biggest thing that is going to help me is that Colorado is going to have combat sport tournaments and competitions. The first one that I know if is happening in Pueblo in June, and I have a competitor fighting in that.”

Meanwhile, classes at Crossfit 719 are seeing more people, but still not as many as pre-pandemic. The owner says right now, it’s all about making sure guests feel safe when they workout.

“Comfort is everything right now, and I think that’s being seen throughout all businesses. That’s been our focus, to make people comfortable when they walk through the doors,” said Josh
Corlay, the owner, who’s owned the gym for nine years.

Corlay says they offered online classes during the shut down, and now, they’re offering an at-home program with minimal equipment.

“This year has been the toughest by far. We were able to retain some of our clients, but the bulk of our business is designed around community, so not being able to be in the same place, with our friends that we enjoy working out with everyday, made it a challenge.”

He also mentioned clients are beginning to go to the gym more, but there still aren’t enough people to fill classes. He’s simply looking forward to seeing familiar faces again that he hasn’t seen in a while.

“We are starting to see more people come into the gym, I think that as restrictions ease, and we’re able to have a little more confidence getting back into a gym,” said Corlay. “I think we’ll continue to see that involvement because a lot of people are striving for community which can be found inside of a gym.

A spokesperson for Lifetime Fitness says the gym is now operating at 100% capacity.

Hot Asana Yogo Studio in Colorado Springs is operating at 50% capacity. A spokesperson there says they’re looking into increasing class sizes within the upcoming weeks.


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