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Hiring software engineers in Paso Robles

A report created automatically by AI from raw radiograph.

MetronMind, Inc. of Paso Robles, is seeking 2 or 3 software engineers to join a small team developing state-of-the-art products in the veterinary imaging

–Retired to Paso Robles from LA or the Bay Area, but now a little bored? Or maybe you know someone in LA or the Bay Area who would love to move to beautiful Paso Robles and find an actual software development job? Maybe you’re an animal lover and would feel good working on a project aimed at the veterinary field? Perhaps a chance to learn more about AI and Deep Learning and see what all the buzz is about?

Applicants should have experience with one or more (not all) of the following: C++, web/cloud, GUI design, Qt, GIT, Deep Learning, image processing, software technical management. Any subset of those skills. Full time, or half-time, some remote, all possible – let’s talk.

E-mail questions or resume to [email protected] or call (805) 769-6915 to reach MetronMind.

About MetronMind

MetroMind’s core product, the Intellect Engine, uses neural networks trained by deep learning techniques to understand veterinary images. Metron-DVM, which includes the Intellect Engine, is a full-featured software system that runs veterinary digital radiography systems. MetronMind, which includes the Intellect Engine, is a software product that can be added to any DICOM-compliant digital radiography system to add the features offered by the Intellect Engine. Metron-DVM and MetronMind are sold worldwide to practicing veterinarians. The Intellect Engine is sold to companies engaged in the veterinary space that wish to add state-of-the-art artificial intelligence features to their products.


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